Long Lasting Solution

Apocrine™ is applied only twice a month for maximum convenience vs other products which must be applied daily

Easy to Apply

Simply break the two ampoules contained in the applicator handle, mix the solution and apply Apocrine™ on the liner’s interior surface.

Better Quality of Life

Apocrine™ enhances hygiene and is the first product to address prosthetic liner contamination caused by bacterial byproducts, enhancing the amputee’s health and quality of life.

The Applicator

Apocrine™ is a patented and proprietary solution that is remarkably effective for decontaminating, deodorizing and cleaning the liners commonly used with prostheses. Apocrine is delivered with a unique sponge tip applicator that is designed to ensure rapid and complete coverage of the liner. The combination of the deep cleaning action/effect of silver and the physical scrubbing that occurs with the sponge tip of the applicator promote a clean, debris and odor-free liner.

Case Studies

  • Patient Patient
    73 year old male with BKA secondary to DM, who received treatment on an existing odiferous nine-month-old liner. After Apocrine™ application, patient’s wife reported resolution, with very little odor from the original well-worn liner. Patient continues to use the treated liner.
  • Patient Patient
    94-year-old woman with BKA secondary to PVD. After treatment, patient reports no odor to liner; skin integrity is observationally good. No adverse skin reactions were reported. Seeks continued treatment.