“Amputation is an extraordinary traumatic event. Our mission is to become the Standard of Care as part of the patient’s hygiene protocol.”- Mark Roby, CEO of BI Medical, LLC

There are over 1.9 million lower leg amputees in the U.S., an equal number in the European Union and many millions more across the world.

The prosthetic limb/residual limb interface is covered by silicone or polyurethane liner that, while providing some level of cushioning and comfort to the residual limb, traps heat and can lead to excessive sweating. Together, the moist environment and dead skin are an ideal environment for bacterial breeding, creating a contaminated, odiferous brew. Further, mechanical and shear forces between the residual limb and prosthetic socket shave off skin and skin cells.

The hallmark symptom of all these issues is a very strong, offensive odor caused by bacterial byproducts. In fact, the odor can be so strong many amputees alter their lifestyles to compensate for this problem. They become reluctant to engage in social or work interactions. This behavior can have profound personal, economic and societal implications.

Until now, there has been no product available that provides an easy to use, safe, effective and long-lasting solution to this challenge. Alcohol cleaners last only a day and various sprays last only a few hours. Liner socks wear out and are expensive.

Our first product, the Apocrine™ Prosthetic Liner Coating is designed to last two weeks. It is a patented and proprietary liquid supplied in an easy to use applicator that the amputee can use in the comfort and privacy of their home, and it is cost-effective. Apocrine™ was first commercialized in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2017 in a limited launch. We believe that Apocrine™ is going to drive profound improvements in the lives of lower leg amputees.

Our Team

BI Medical is led by a talented team of scientists and
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Mark Roby, CEO

Elizabeth Stone, COO

Stephen Sandler, Acting CFO

Thomas Hutchinson, VP Quality/Regulatory

Dioscaris Garcia, Scientific Advisor