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Apocrine™ is a proprietary and patented solution that is remarkably effective for decontaminating, deodorizing and cleaning the liners commonly used with prostheses. The key ingredients of Apocrine™ are a silver complex and a titanium compound. Both silver and titanium have long histories of efficacy and safety. Apocrine™ is delivered with a unique sponge tip applicator that is designed to ensure rapid and complete coverage of the liner.

The combination of the deep cleaning action/effect of silver and the physical scrubbing that occurs with the sponge tip of the applicator promotes a clean, debris free liner. Using Apocrine™ with its physical and chemical cleaning actions is an important component of enhanced hygiene. Proper hygiene is critical to reducing odor, reducing skin irritation, and addressing other problems at the skin-liner interface.

In addition to the deep cleaning action of the silver complex and the physical removal of debris, the titanium component in Apocrine™ bonds to the liner surface, effectively sealing it. By sealing the surface of the liner, Apocrine helps to prevent debris build up and, therefore, reduces odor.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Apocrine™ is intended to be use on prostheses liners.

Apocrine™ will dry in approximately two minutes.

There have been no reports of any adverse reactions.

One pouch contains two applicators, which are sufficient to provide complete coverage of the vast majority of prosthetic liners.

After allowing Apocrine™ dry (approximately two minutes time), you can resume your normal hygiene program.

While Apocrine™ will enhance your hygiene, we recommend that you continue with your established hygiene program.

Apocrine’s™ shelf life is three years from date of manufacture.

Yes, BI Medical has both laboratory and clinical results that support Apocrine’s™ effectiveness.

Apocrine™ should be applied to the inside of the liner twice a month.

Apocrine™ can be applied to any closed cell material used in prosthetic liners including silicone, polyurethane and closed cell foams.

Application of Apocrine™ is extremely simple. Apocrine™ was designed to be applied by the patient in the privacy of his/her own home. Simply break the two ampoules contained in the applicator handle, mix the solution and “paint” Apocrine™ on the liner’s interior surface. The twice per month application helps to keep compliance high.

Apocrine™ provides the amputee with an effective, safe, easy to use product to combat the buildup of bacterial by-products and other debris that can lead to odor problems, and skin irritation. Apocrine™ is an important part of a patient’s hygiene program.