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Apocrine™ Prosthetic-Skin Interface is a liquid that dries to become a flexible titanium prosthetic-skin interface for long-lasting protection. Liquid Apocrine molds to the shape and follows the contours of the abutting substrate creating a bonded, custom fit, functional layer for contact with the skin. This scientifically optimized biointerface provides a long-lasting protective barrier between the skin and prosthetic material. A box of Apocrine provides a 3-month supply containing 6 packages with two disposable applicators per package. Two disposable applicators are generally sufficient for a single application to an AK or BK prosthesis.

Apocrine’s sponge tipped applicator and patented chemistry decontaminates and penetrates as it creates a protective barrier layer as an interface with the skin. Apocrine is self-priming during application and removes microbial by-products and debris that can cause skin irritation. Apocrine protects from debris and bacterial and fungal by-products with a durable layer.

It reduces exposure to ground-in skin cells, dirt and residual sweat and sebaceous secretions that washing with soap and water leaves behind. Sealing with Apocrine minimizes the build-up of grime that neither soap nor alcohol can fully remove. The key to Apocrine’s success is a mixture of both polar and non-polar carriers, specifically designed to be compatible with silicone, gel, hybrid and polyurethane surfaces as well as medical grade metals and plastics. Upon application, Apocrine quickly polymerizes to form a flexible titanium hybrid layer and dries for long lasting protection of the prosthesis and skin.

Ingredients include Isopropyl alcohol, Heptane, a Titanium forming compound, a Silver complex, Dimethicone and < 5% other solvents.