Long Lasting Protection

Apocrine™ provides long-lasting protection for you and your prothesis.

Easy to Apply

Simply break the two ampoules contained in the applicator handle, shake the applicator gently to mix and apply Apocrine™  to the prosthesis.

Better Quality of Life

Apocrine™ is a liquid that dries to become a flexible titanium prosthetic-skin interface for long-lasting protection.

The Applicator

Apocrine™ Prosthetic-Skin Interface is delivered with a unique sponge tip applicator that is designed to ensure rapid and complete coverage of the prosthesis. The sponge tip removes debris build-up while the liquid deep cleans and decontaminates for long last relief and odor protection. Apocrines unique chemistry binds directly to your liner for long last odor and skin irritation relief.